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For Sale By Owner stuff!

Below are some great things to use to help establish trust and follow up with FSBO’s and some recommended Expired listing products:

41qVJlQyYZL._SL250_Click here to buy:

51pkaF+V+eL._SL250_ Click here to buy these forms:

For Sale By Owner signs to give as gift to FSBO prospects to build relationship:

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A great book to give to FSBO’s as a gift:

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Another great book to gift to FSBO’s:

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Expired package envelopes:

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A great touch to add to the outside of the expired envelopes:


Click here to buy this rubber stamp:

Anytime you sell a home, one of the best ways to engage the neighborhood as well as make a huge impression on the buyer, is to use these cards below.   Take one of these cards to the adjacent neighbors and ask them if they’d like to write a short note to their new neighbors and then deliver to the new buyers.  They will see you as being incredibly thoughtful and you’ll make the new buyers/homeowners feel welcome in their new home,  This is a great way to find new listings and connect with the neighborhood!

41TD4lDosuL._SL250_Click here to buy these cards:


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