Yes… It really IS a numbers game! by Brad Pearson

play-the-numbers-gameSo, after 21 years I’ve seen a thousand different ideas, tools, marketing programs, etc. on how a real estate agent can become productive or grow their business.   Some are as simple as door knocking and as complicated as using neighborhood algorithms to try and determine who is going to sell their home next, but regardless of what the “strategy” only one thing remains the primary critical component to make ANY of them work…. NUMBERS!   When it comes to growing a business, until and unless there is a strategy to contact, connect, and expose your offering to A LOT of people on a consistent basis, then NOTHING will work.  In this blog post I want to just share a few examples of how you can take the simplest of strategies and grow your business exponentially.

Let’s look at the power of relatively small “numbers” combined with a couple of simple strategies that anyone can do:

1.  If you simply wrote 5 handwritten personal notes to past clients, SOI, thank you’s, great meeting you’s, etc. per day, 5 days per week, 250 days per year only (allowing for a 2 week vacation), that would equal 1,250 handwritten personal notes!  Considering the “high touch” factor of a personal note, it would be a near impossibility to not yield a good return of at least 1/2 of 1% at the worst case scenario, which would be 6 closed transactions at an average commission of $10,000 in Orange County, that’s $60,000!!!!

2.  If you simply committed to handing out 5 of your business cards per day to perfect strangers and said “Hi, I’m ______, I know this is out of the blue, but I’m a local Realtor and looking to grow my business in (city/area), if you or anyone you know is thinking of buying or selling a home, I’d love to help!”   This would be the same numbers as the above example and worst case scenario, add another 1,250 contacts and $60,000 to your bottom line!

3.  If you simply CALLED 5 people per day that you know, or even that you don’t know, and simply offered your services as a Realtor once again, that would be another 1,250 people that you connect with, and another $60,000 in a year!money2-lastspartan

With these 3 extremely simple strategies, it is hard to dispute the sheer impact of the numbers with a modest 1/2 of 1% return over a year period, that would make you at least $180,000!!!   Now if you are skeptical on my return percentage then go ahead and cut in in half…  Then it’s still $90,000 for doing the most simplest of things on a daily basis!  Cut in half again and it’s still $45,000!  Not a bad return for writing a few notes, making a few calls, and handing out some business cards each day!

So now just think what could happen if you are a great presenter, great with scripts and dialogues, and relentless with follow up… what your return could be!

So why isn’t everyone making this kind of money in real estate?  Here’s the answer… They don’t or won’t do these numbers on a consistent basis!  And many just won’t do anything on a daily-consistent basis.  Many agents will try different things and decide in a few weeks or a month that “it doesn’t work” and start looking for something new to do and then do that for a few weeks or months, and then keep repeating the process, yet if all they did was remain consistent and focused on building up the numbers with A FEW strategies, they would begin to see a huge return over time.

It is my absolute belief that those who decide to just stick with a few simple strategies on a short and long term basis, that they will, as many others do and have, find tremendous success in real estate!

As always, I am here to help, and talk about how a move to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage along with my free coaching could dramatically change your career for the better!  Feel free to call or text me at 714-782-2723 or email me at .

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  1. thanks Brad, good one.

  2. Thanks Brad… I am on it! Your encouragement is much appreciated.

  3. You seem to be so smart! I would come work for you 🙂

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