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Tutorial on Zipforms Mobile & Sign-N-Send App on iPad

Top Apps for Android Tablets and Smartphones Nov 2011

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Android Apps for Real Estate!

1. SIGNificant by Xyzmo
2. DropBox
3. Scan to PDF
4. Google Earth
5. ZipForm Mobile (
6. Mobile Fax by Burrotech
7. MLS Touch
8. Documents to Go by DataViz $14.99 MS Office Excel, PPT, pdf
9. Google Translate
10. Fidelity National Title 1-2-3
11. Photaf Panorama by Oren Bengigi (Free)

Note: While there are great apps for the Android devices, I have found some difficulty in getting them to work seamlessly in comparison to the iPhone. Ex. Taking a contract from ZipForms Mobile and getting it into SIGNificant was challenging. Could just be me!

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts and experiences. Share the apps that you have found to work great for Real Estate!

Top iPhone Apps as of Nov. 14, 2011 for Real Estate Agents

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1. DropBox – Have all of your files everywhere you go! FREE for 2GB!

2. Scan to PDF – Scan and send documents in PDF format from anywhere.

3. JotNot Fax – For those who “still” use faxes. This is a great app!

4. AgentFirst (First American) Get property info and order profile from your phone.

5. BottomLine (Fidelity) Provide buyers with payment and approximate closing cost info.

6. MLS Touch – Get info on any listing, stats, agent info, maps, etc. instantly.

7. ZipForm Mobile – Create, revise, sign contracts directly from your phone in a pinch. ( $9.95/year)

8. Keynote – Show your listing presentation at a moments notice or project to TV.

9. Google Earth – Show clients aerial picture of any home & save snapshots for use on MLS or other marketing.

10. 360 Panorama – Take wide panoramic pictures of your listings.

11. iMovie – Create video fast and easy.

12. MagicPlan – Create floorplans of your listings for marketing.

13. Pages – Use this app to create letterhead, flyers, personal notes, etc. from anywhere. And then send as PDF or .doc files!

14. Cards (Apple) – Everyone should be doing personal notes! Here’s a great and easy way to send very personalized notes without ever going to the post office or touching a piece of paper.

15. Google Translate – Don’t get caught not being able to communicate with someone no matter where you are! Translate any language just by talking to it or typing in your sentence.

16. Sign n Send – Sign anything directly on your iPhone.