This weeks update on the new Coldwell Banker Yorba Linda office!

What an exciting week!  I had the pleasure of attending our contractors and all department update  at the new facility on Tuesday morning.  From IT to the general contractor, everyone is confident that we have cleared the way for a September move in.  As they say, “everything happens for a reason”, the few delays that we experienced ended up allowing for enough time to get the new fiber optic lines brought to the building, which will ensure we have the most up to date fastest internet speeds available in the area!  Considering all of the great technology we are integrating into the office, this was a critical component to a successful launch.  This meeting was also THE meeting where we decided on a lot of the technology and amenities for the office.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some of this great stuff with you below!

-5 Flat Screen Smart TV’s equipped with computers and Apple TV units for easy mirroring from iPads and iPhones.

-Sonos HiFi 5 speaker sound system covering each separate section of the office allowing for remotely controlled and sonos-familydifferent music selections for each area, or complete connectivity as one from the tap of a button on a simple APP. The energy and atmosphere in the office will be incredible!

-Remotely controlled digital sales and listing boards.  No more old fashioned dry erase boards.  Simply email, Tweet, or, post from your smartphone and the sale or listing will be added to the board.

-We decided to convert an area that was going to be some more desks into an Anti-Stress/Social Networking Loft area where associates can take a break and relax.  There will be Wii, Xbox, to play video tennis, golf, bowling, and even boxing, as well as other fun stress relieving games… Karaoke may even be heard from that area in the afternoons periodically!  An Apple TV equipped with Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes will also be available! Of course there will be some good old fashioned wiiofficeboard games…  Checkers anyone?  Our thought here was that this business can push the limits of our stress and this area will allow our associates to unplug when they need to and then easily go right back to their desk and jump back into the business!  We also think this will be a great way to build and maintain the energy and camaraderie within the office.

-Our large open sales meeting area will also double as a high tech multimedia room and theater, popcorn and all! We might just need to have a movie night once a month after a group prospecting session!

-In Branch Marketing area staffed with our awesome Marketing Coordinator, Sara Araujo!  Find materials, listing presentations, get flyers designed and created, ask questions, review your marketing strategies, place orders for farming, postcards, etc. etc. etc. all right there in the office!

-7 days/week receptionist coverage.  As they say “First impressions are everything!”  Your clients will experience the absolute pinnacle of professionalism in North OC the second they walk through the front doors regardless of the day. Receptionist Just imagine that not only will your clients be offered coffee or water, but they will be handed a professionally printed “Beverage Menu” that will offer 10+ different hot and cold beverages that will be brought to them by our staff member with a smile!  Let the receptionist know before your clients arrive and she can even personalize the beverage menu with their names for that extra special personal touch!

This office will represent the future of traditional real estate.  Every aspect that you can think of will be a little different, an improvement on the existing business model.  Associates can expect to hear a bell ring twice a day for the multiple 15 minute health walks around the huge shopping center where the topic of best real estate practices will be discussed and problems will be solved with the collaboration and passionate input of others.

As the manager of the office, you will notice something very different with me too.  There won’t be the traditional “managers office” that most are used to!  I will be taking advantage of one of the spacious open desk areas.  Of course, there will be a private area available for those meetings that require confidentiality.  The “open door policy” that was so revered in the past, is no longer so revered.  I love Real Estate Agents and I want to be out in IN the open and accessible to help and support productivity!

It is great to be with such a forward thinking and innovative firm like Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage! It is the positive and supportive culture and incredible focus on Work-Life Balance this firm offers that really does create an environment for agents and employees to enjoy what they do and reach their full potential as professionals!

Below I have included a link to my most recent update video as well as the recent Forbes article where Coldwell Banker was recognized for it’s focus on Work-Life Balance.  You’ll see that we definitely have created something special with more great things to come!

As always, if you are not already with Coldwell Banker, and would like more information, feel free to email or call me at or 714-782-2723.

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Click to view article!

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Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Orange, San Diego, & Riverside Counties.

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  1. Love! You’re always thinking outside the box! Can’t wait to see the office.


    Sounds awesome Brad, can’t wait!!

    Scott Taylor

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  3. Wow! I am so honored to be apart of this amazing team!

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