It’s just the right thing to do…. But why isn’t everyone doing it?

We all know how stressful moving can be.  The strain put on the human mind during the move from one home to another is immense.  Just Google “life’s most stressful events” and you’ll find pages and pages where moving is in the top 5. lists “moving” number 3 following death of a loved one and divorce, and is ahead of major illness, and job loss. (  Anyone who has moved recently can easily relate.  Just the thought of moving sends shivers up my spine, and I’m clearly not alone.  From the emotional stress of leaving a place that was so personal and full of memories, to the overall logistics of the actual move process, the nightmare of planning out the move, interviewing moving companies, packing up, and then worrying about everything making it to the destination in tack, and then the weeks and even months of unpacking.  It never fails that the one thing you need too is always the last thing to get unpacked.

What is so surprising to me, after 21 years in the Real Estate business, is that so little attention is paid to helping our clients with the actual move process.  Of course we all talk about it with our clients, but very few companies actually offer any real support and assistance with the process.  As a matter of fact, short of making a referral to a moving company that may offer a discount, most companies and agents do not offer much more than that.  So here we are, selling homes for people and for the most part, each agent is on their own to decide how much, if any, support they will offer.  Now I realize that there are some agents out there that likely offer more than others, but those would certainly be the exception rather than the norm.

Maybe it’s because of how much I loathe moving, but within a week of joining Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, I was barraged with hundreds of incredible tools for Realtors, and their clients, but one stood out to me more than the others.   Several of the great folks who were helping me get oriented with the company were a little surprised at how I kept going back to this one client offering.   It was the client Concierge Services department within the company and website  The website alone is incredible in it’s easy design and all of it’s offerings, but what really impressed me the most was that this is an actual department within the corporate office of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage staffed by great people dedicated to assisting our clients with the many aspects of the move process, as well as so many other benefits.   The fact that our clients can call this department by phone and talk to an actual move specialist was astounding.  I just kept thinking that this is a huge reason why our firm is so successful, why our agents have such a huge referral base, and why we are #1 in corporate relocation in the US.  The weight that this free service takes off of our clients during such a stressful time in their lives is something that we take seriously and actually invest large financial resources to make available as well as constantly improve upon.  Yet, it is one of the things we talk about the least.  I had the great opportunity to meet Pete Nordstrom several years ago, yes, the Nordstrom departments stores family member, and he said something that I had never thought about.  He made a great point that Nordstrom NEVER makes a big deal about their service.  It’s not in their tagline, or commercials even.  They just “provide great service” and their customers spread that word.  Clearly their strategy has worked!   I have to liken this to how CBRB has positioned this great Concierge Service.  Aside from this blog post, you won’t see it in our commercials, or all over our ads,  it’s just an offering that is available along with so many others to make the experience of selling or buying a home a great one.   And our statistics and rankings as the Number 1 residential real estate company in America confirms that our clients are happy and spreading the word.  We weren’t just Number 1 last year, but for the last 17 years consecutively.  While so many great firms are out there, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the ONLY firm to offer a service like this.

Click image to visit our exclusive Concierge Service website

Click image to visit our exclusive Concierge Service website

Below are some quotes from just a few of our clients that confirm that it’s more than enough for us to just let our clients spread the word on their experience;
“I am a homeowner and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Concierge and what a help it has been to me. We are just getting started on a bathroom remodel. What a wonderful help and quite a nice perk from Coldwell Banker to have this type of a thing. I do appreciate how helpful everyone has been!” — J. Tschetter, Satisfied Customer

“Thank you so much for your help. It is especially difficult organizing a complex move from Australia, and I am appreciative of any advice and assistance that you can provide. Again, I very much appreciate your guidance and assistance in organizing this move. It was a great relief to learn of this service provided to Coldwell Banker clients.” — K. Palghat, Satisfied Customer

“I genuinely want to thank you and Coldwell Banker Concierge for your help and for the outstanding list of companies you recommend to new homeowners.” — J. Mandel, Satisfied Customer

“The vendor was very flexible and professional, working with me to give me exactly what I wanted for the best price possible. They worked really hard to get the work done on the schedule I wanted – good job! It looks great.” — F. Reingold, Sherman Oaks, Satisfied Customer

“Your service is exceptionally unique and good. We appreciate it very much and our confidence in Coldwell Banker is #1.” — D. Schneider, Satisfied Customer

“It was a mammoth move and the mover did a very good job! The mover paid attention to detail and close follow ups with supervisors.” — M. Firestone, Satisfied Customer

Just imagine how those customers felt and how different their experience could have been without such a great service!

If you would like more information on this great free service, just visit  If you are a Realtor and interested in learning more about the offerings at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, don’t hesitate to call/text or email me at 714-782-2723 or

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  1. Love this post Brad!!! So true just one of the many things that Coldwell Banker does better than the rest!

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