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Great motivational videos!

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Day 1, Q4, 2015! Lot’s of opportunities!

Day1Q42015Today signifies the beginning of the last quarter of 2015. This is the time to step on the gas to ensure you end the year strong! Important numbers to recognize: Q4 2014 in Orange County there were 5998 properties sold, each of those had a buyer making almost 12,000 opportunities for a pay check! 6726 homes closed escrow delivering almost 13,500 actual pay checks to Realtors in OC! Listing inventory dropped from 7049 to 5190 (almost 30%!) during Q4 opening massive opportunities for those who work expired and cancelled listings and creating a lower inventory market for home sellers looking to capitalize on the opportunity to get more money for their homes and negotiate with SERIOUS buyers! Do you have a plan to make sure you capitalize on all of this opportunity to end 2015 strong and begin 2016 with momentum?Β  While so many Realtors will be slowing down and talking about the market slowing down, YOU know the truth and must stay focused!

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