10 signs that you might be failing in your Real Estate Career

Written by Brad Pearson,   Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy:

1.  When you’re alarm clock goes off in the morning, you hit the snooze button until noon and then go to lunch at McDonalds and order off of the dollar menu.

2. When you show up to the office, the receptionist asks, “Can I help you?”

3.  The last time you checked your office mail box was in July and you had candy canes in it!

4.  You’re picture on your business card looks like it was taken 15 years ago.

5.  You’re spouse keeps leaving job applications on the kitchen table for you.

6.  You’re still carrying a pager and a flip phone.

7.  You’ve changed your car license plates back to the paper dealer plates.

8.   You dress like your going to your buddy’s house when you come to work.

9.   When you get to you your cubicle there’s a picture of someone else’s family on your desk.

10. You’ve got a huge Mona Vie sticker on the back window of your car!

Now… 10 Signs that you might be SUCCEEDING in your Real Estate Career!

1.   You wake up 10 minutes before your alarm clock goes off and hit the gym for 1 hour before work!  Then arrive at work no later than 8:30am!

2.  When you show up to the office, you are the first to arrive and know exactly what your schedule is for that day and that entire week!

3.  You are continuously focused on personal and professional self improvement .  And seek out coaching from qualified coaches to continue growing!

4.  You schedule 3 solid hours of lead generation time every day and let nothing get in your way!  And as a result are never on less than 4 qualified appointments per week!

5.  You take 2 days off during the week and realize that you must work weekends if you are in the Real Estate business!

6.  You spend less than 30-40 minutes a day on admin and preparation of materials and for appointments.

7.  You attend every sales meeting for the most current strategies and ideas!

8.  You dress for success every single day!!!  Regardless of the heat, circumstances ,etc!

9.  You’ve embraced technology and use it to streamline your business so you can have more time for “LEAD GENERATION” activities!

10.  When you get home at the end of the day, your spouse says “Oh my gosh, what happened to you today?”   Because you actually look like you worked your tail off all day!

About Brad Pearson

Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Orange, San Diego, & Riverside Counties.

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