Notes from May 10th PCR Mike Ferry Event!

Notes – Mike Ferry BG seminar May 10, 2011

Must have to succeed:
-Attitude- a great one! What is our attitude when we start our day?
-Approach- is your approach going to attract people to you?
– Expectations- what are your expectations based on your approach?
-Mindset – winning and losing is simply a part of life. Get over worrying about the outcome! Get to work.
-Skills – higher the level of skills the better the response from the customer/prospect.
-Hard Work –
-Doing it, day in and day out! “it’s the points of boredom between the moments of excitement that make us great.”
-Why don’t we work hard everyday
-Complacency –  Track 100% of what you do for the next 90 days!
-Why am I complacent?
A. My cost of living is? _____
B. My outside income is? (not from job)
C. My plus or minus is= _____
D. My avg comm check is? ______
E.  How many homes do you need to sell?
Most agents are barely operating above complacency! Just paying their bills.
How much prospecting do I have to do to break out of complacency?
A. My goal for 2011 is? # of deals I want to close_____
B. My repeat and referral business equals? _____
C. Subtract B from A =[____]

Take C and make that many contacts per day and you will achieve C.!

*If you will spend your time with past clients, SOI, expireds and FSBO’s you can cut that number in half!

A contact is talking to a decision making adult!

Three ways to get business:

A. Wait… Open houses, floor time, etc
B. Buy it… Another way to avoid C.
C. Earn it! Do what it takes to proactively get business.  The best and most predictable way!

Why am I not going to do more than I am doing?

A. Our background. It influences our thinking.  Let it go!
B. My excuses and my story.  Everyone has a story and excuses. Move past them.
C. A lack of desire.   Is this you?

Motivation- Motive to take Action! There has to be a reason! What’s yours?

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