Real Estate “Teams”, When-Why-How? by Brad Pearson

To build a “team” or NOT to build a “team”?   That is the question!  It seems like so many agents ambitions revolve around the idea of building a “team”, verses simply being a top producing agent with a support staff.  The name variations are extensive from John Doe Team, Team John Doe,  Team Doe, The Doe Team, The Doe Group,  John Doe and Associates,

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Doe and Assoc.,  John and Jane Team, etc. etc. etc.  In some cases, the team name has nothing to do with the team creator even, i.e. The Top Agent Team, Team Excellence,  etc. etc.   Most of the time, the team consists of one top agent and a staff with a buyers agent or two, sometimes even a partner, and sometimes the “team” is simply an agent who lost a listing to a “team” and decided that they should be called a “team” too and considers everyone from their title rep to their home inspector their “team”.   This phenomena seemed to really grow and follow the increase in home prices from 1999 and thru 2004 and on when it was more palatable to split commissions, and there was a buying frenzy which flooded each top agent with listings with long lists of buyer leads via an 800 call capture number, online strategy, or some other form of advertising.

While many of the teams that are created were done well and accomplished the goal they set out to accomplish, many agents who followed the trend did not do so successfully and ended up splitting commissions and fracturing relationships with agents they brought to their team.  As a manager, I’ve seen this and been caught in the middle enough times to have a strong desire to help agents do it right!

In the attached document, I cover “teams” in great detail.  I realize there are many different opinions on this subject, so just know that this is just mine and I am open to thoughts and ideas in the comments below!


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Click to learn more!

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Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Orange, San Diego, & Riverside Counties.

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