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glympse_720This APP is by far one of my favorites!  So many of us spend our days either heading to an appointment or waiting for someone to arrive to an appointment.  I’ve finally realized that the periodic late arrival is inevitable no matter how much one plans out their day.  I’ve heard it a million times from people “if they just would have called and said they were running behind, I would have understood”.  One of the most frustrating scenarios is when your appointment shows up 10 minutes late without even making a call or sending an apologetic text. Then there’s the old “I’m 5 minutes away” text and either they have no concept of time, or they were stretching the truth.   This APP solves the “I’m on my way” problem with some incredible technology.  It’s called Glympse and it’s free!  So there’s no reason not to at least try it.

Here’s what it does… You can very simply and in seconds, send a “Glympse” text with a link from your smartphone that will allow the recipient to actually see you on a map driving, riding, walking ,etc. in real time, with the actual speed you

Click to visit the Glympse website!

Click to visit the Glympse website!

are traveling.  You can set the amount of time that the link you sent will show your location, and when that time runs out, they can no longer see you. You can even input the destination and it will show your estimated time of arrival.

Just imagine that you are on your way to a listing appointment and you send a Glympse to your client when you are on your way… Now they can know the exact moment you arrive!  How about the good ole “I’ll let you know when I’m on my way”… Now just send them a Glympse and they can even check in to see how far away you are and eta.  Running a few minutes behind because of traffic… Send a Glympse so they can see where you are and not have to ask you every few minutes.

Most importantly, this APP can help you stay safe by letting those waiting for you that you are on the road and rather than text or call to ask you where you are, they can just tap the link and view you on the map.

I’ve been using this APP more and more lately and almost everyone I’ve sent a Glypmse to have been very appreciative as well as impressed with the technology. I am confident that you will get the same results if you use this great tool.

glympseicon10-16iPhone users – Click here to go directly to iTunes to download Glympse:

GlympseandroidAndroid users – Click here to go directly to Google Play to download Glympse:

Spread the word and let’s get everyone using this great app and make all of our lives easier!

As always, it is my pleasure to bring strategies and ideas to help you grow your business and become more efficient while providing great service to your clients!  Having taught hundreds of Realtors how to use technology to dramatically improve the level of personal service to their customers while saving time, energy and money, I am always open to answering questions and sharing with those interested in collaborating.  Please don’t hesitate to share any great APPS that you have found as well!

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Click to learn MORE!

Click to learn MORE!

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  1. So very cool, Brad!  Thanks for sharing!   Pam

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