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80/20 Business Plan by Brad Pearson

Click to download PDF

Click to download PDF

If you haven’t created a business plan yet and need a simple one that integrates “online” with “offline” business growth strategies, here you go!  Just click on the image in this post to download PDF file.

An effective business plan should provide the following:

1.  Articulate your professional ethos.  What kind of business do you want to have?

2. Determine specifically what your goal is.  How much money do you want to make?  Why do you want to make it?

3. Determine HOW and WHAT you will do to achieve your goals.

4. Determine WHEN you will do it.  i.e. Create a schedule to execute the plan.

5. Include an accountability component to ensure adherence to the plan and measure progress.

6. Require a commitment to be made and shared with those who will be impacted by your success or failure.

The simple business plan that I created has a simple business ethos… Productivity and Professionalism!  If a real estate agent is highly productive and focuses on being highly professional, they will have a clear path to grow year over year.

Productivity generally equals;

-More skilled based on more transactions and more experience.

-The more productive an agent, the more income they are making.  The means they are not running desperate for a commission and are likely to make better decisions for their clients.

-The more productive an agent, the more they can invest in their business to grow it.  Pretty simple.

Professionalism is generally defined by;

-A focus on high ethics and strong customer focus.

-A desire to provide a high level of service to the customer.

-A desire to put forth a professional image at all times from ones appearance to the marketing and advertising utilized in their business.

-Treating others as they themselves wish to be treated.  i.e. Returning calls, focus on solutions, communication, etc.

I honestly believe that if every agent woke up every morning and simply focused on these two things, worked from a solid business plan, and implemented a solid and consistent accountability program, they would dramatically increase their income.   Therefore, I created a plan that any agent could complete and implement!

At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage / Previews International, we are looking for Productive and Professional agents to join our firm at all times.   Our standards are high and we create an environment that supports these principles.   As always, if you are not a Coldwell Banker agent already, and would like to find out more about this amazing company, then feel free to call me at 714-782-2723 or email me at .

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Click to learn more about Coldwell Banker!