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I get asked at least once a week by agents and even some affiliates “So who owns the Coldwell Banker office you’re opening in Yorba Linda?”  And my answer is simple “NRT LLC who is owned by the Real Estate giant Realogy (NYSE: RLGY Visit:”.  But what does that mean?  I’ll get to NRT1 flyer jpegthat in a bit…  After spending over 21 years in the real estate business and seeing so many offices and companies come and go, I completely understand why this question is being asked and how important it’s become when it comes to trying to evaluate the chances of success of a new office in a market area.   Most real estate companies in America are “independently owned and operated”, and in many cases they are franchises.   A lot of these companies are very successful and were started by the good old fashioned entrepreneur, which has been and always will be the heart of America when it comes to defining “the land of opportunity”.   These companies were built with passion, heart, “blood, sweat, and tears”, great leadership, and many have amazing histories of how they started with their life savings, or a small business loan, along with long hours, tough struggles, and huge sacrifices.   So please understand that all of these owners have my utmost respect and admiration.  The connection with these great companies and NRT LLC/Realogy is a lot closer than most think.  Here’s how…   In many cases, these great entrepreneurs, upon reaching a high level of success with their business, reach a point where they are approached by a very large company who has recognized their tremendous accomplishment and an offer is made to purchase their company.   NRT LLC/Realogy has been one of the biggest purchasers of successful real estate companies in America.  For these owners this is a dream realized after years of hard work.  Often these great owners/entrepreneurs accept leadership positions with the company that purchased their company, and at NRT so many of the great leaders in the firm came to the company in this way.  So while it is true that NRT LLC is the single largest Real Estate company in America, it is ran with all of the qualities of a smaller independently owned firm, yet with the financial power,  professionalism, and accountability of a Fortune 500 company.   With over 700 offices with NRT LLC and 41,000 Independent Sales Associates, and approx 5000 employees, as well as achieving the #1 Real Estate Company in America for the 17th consecutive year in 2013, it goes without saying that the company has created something special.  From acquiring great firms throughout the country to starting up brand new offices like the new office opening in Yorba Linda CA. this summer, the business growth strategy is one that has proven itself a successful one on a massive scale.

So, while that was a long explanation to what really is a short answer, I felt it worthwhile to elaborate to help provide clarity and confidence to those who are contemplating a career change or company change and want to be certain that they are joining a strong and stable company.  I also wanted to dispel the myths spread sometimes by competitors that Coldwell Banker NRT is too large and impersonal.   Having been with the firm now for 7 months, I can honestly say that from the highest level executives to the support staff in the branches, these are all real people with real lives, real dreams, goals, families, and absolute clarity on the importance of the independent sales associates and the customers and they show up everyday with a clear vision to deliver an incredible experience to everyone associated with the firm.  Ethics, standards, and professionalism combined with a tremendously successful business enterprise makes Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (NRT) a hard to beat firm on any level.

It is also with tremendous pleasure that I announce that construction has begun on our new 10,000 Square Foot facility in Yorba Linda and we are already at 71 outstanding independent CBoffice1sales associates!  We will move into the facility close to full and with a massive momentum towards our goal of #1 market share in the city!

Below I have posted some more great information for you to get an even better idea of how phenomenal this company is, and combined with a total of 3100 Coldwell Banker offices in 50 countries and territories in the network, our customer value proposition IS the most powerful in the industry leading to incredibly successful agents throughout the firm!

Feel free to contact me directly for more information on becoming part of this great firm!  Call or text to 714-782-2723 or email me at


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