A smooth launch into North Orange County!


Corporate Headquarters Irvine California

It is amazing what can be accomplished when a group of properly motivated, and talented people are inspired by a goal and objective and empowered by great leadership at a phenomenal, professional, and financially strong company to execute on a near perfectly thought out plan.   While that was a bit of a mouthful, it pretty much sums up perfectly what has taken place here in North Orange County over the past 8 months with the launch of the new Yorba Linda Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage/Previews International office.

From the moment I joined the company, I was introduced to great people with smiles on their faces and a genuine desire to support the mission that I was tasked with out in the field.  From the great people in facilities, accounting, marketing, operations, relocation, administration, and the many vendors, to the executive leadership team, everyone is clearly focused to support the mission of launching this new branch.   Without exaggeration, I was made to feel like every one of these great people were doing nothing but working to execute on our Yorba Linda plan, when in reality they are all working on a multitude of other projects and office additions and expansions, acquisitions, etc.   One thing I realized really quickly with this company was that everyone is focused on removing all obstacles that could slow the execution of the plan.  Information was thoughtfully requested to assemble a solid move forward budget, obtain all approvals, and make solid decisions to enable everyone to simply do the job they were tasked to do.   Very few meetings, zero conflict, and absolute clarity and follow through with open communication.  This whole process was so impressive to me that at first I almost couldn’t believe it and was waiting for something to go wrong.  When a decision was and is made, that decision has been well thought through and there’s a solid plan to execute.  Well, it finally hit me, these people were the “real deal” and with over 700 company owned offices, the depth of experience in launching new offices was apparent yet humbly showcased with class and professionalism.

The core of the entire process was and is always grounded in this one simple philosophy; “Will this be the best thing for our Independent Sales Associates, attract more great Independent Sales Associates, and create an environment for them to grow and succeed?”.  Everyone was clear that if the answer was yes to the above question, then we all would win and we would move forward!

New Yorba Linda Office at 21580 Yorba Linda Blvd.

New Yorba Linda Office at 21580 Yorba Linda Blvd. during construction.

All of the above is what has lead to where we are now.  Our spectacular 10,000 square foot, luxury, state of the art, office is well on it’s way to completion!  With 26 private offices, luxury spacious work areas, finely appointed conference rooms with the latest technology, and a jaw dropping lobby to greet your valued clients while offering them a choice of 10 different beverages from espresso to hot chocolate, any professional Realtor will be proud to show up to work here daily!   Needless to say, the excitement has become contagious and the anticipation is exhilarating!  Every single week that goes by, the office is transforming into what will be the premier real estate office for some of the best Realtors in North Orange County.  This beautiful facility will be much more than a grand showplace of beautiful design, gorgeous decor, and modern technology, it is and will be the culmination of a positive, professional, fun, and collaborative culture with high standards that will ultimately define it.   The people who embrace and seek out this culture are what will make this the greatest place to thrive and grow a real estate career in North Orange County.

Over the past several weeks I have made a couple of short fun videos showcasing the progress of the office building transformation.  I am posting the links below.  I am sure you will feel the energy!

If you would like information on affiliating with Coldwell Banker please do not hesitate to call/text or email me at (714) 782-2723 or Brad.Pearson@camoves.com.   Aggressive transition packages available for qualified Independent Sales Associates!  Make your move with zero costs!  Call for details!



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Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Orange, San Diego, & Riverside Counties.

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